Align and inspire your people to own customer: get traction.

Forethought’s Traction team challenges and inspires your people to place customer at the centre of their work to drive customer growth.

Traction, our customer and marketing advisory team, designs programs and immersive experiences helping organisations to shape strategy and accelerate execution, supporting your people to narrowly focus on what matters most across your customer ecosystem.

Traction’s programs are built using an “evidence first” approach leveraging your customer and market data as the foundation, and partnering with your executive through to your frontline to engage and align your organisation. Our frameworks are collaborative and creative, and enable you to accelerate the process of moving from customer solutions design to in-market execution

Traction specialises in working with your people across brand, communications, customer experience design and product/service design.

Align and inspire your people

Case Study: Changing of the guard. Strategy redesign. Members & employees prioritised.

Under the old CEO this major professional membership association had lost its way, and its highly educated members were demanding change, and they were defecting.

The new CEO inherited a strategy that had been drafted based on what the old business ‘could’ deliver and he wanted a strategy shake-up and redesign which needed to be anchored to what mattered most to members – he wanted a strategy based on what the business ‘should’ deliver.

Plus, the new CEO needed his executive to own the decisions in the redesign, he wanted a design anchored to evidence rather than what was easy, and he wanted the whole organisation, top to bottom and across international geographies aligned with one purpose: to efficiently and effectively meet member needs.

Evidence first: The research team at Forethought completed a multi-geography study of member experience and satisfaction to understand the drivers of retention and defection. This study produced robust models that provided the evidence by which to interrogate the existing strategy and inform the strategy redesign.

Engagement and alignment: Forethought Traction, our customer and market advisory team, worked with the CEO and one of his EGMs to shape and deliver an immersive engagement program that allowed the executive and management across Australia and Asia to pivot. We facilitated this by:

  • refreshing their thinking via the member experience research
  • collaboratively examine the existing strategy to delete, edit, enhance and ideate initiatives; and
  • arrive at consensus to prioritise action and investment for maximum impact…again anchored to the evidence in the research.

We then navigated the new, narrowly focused ‘member-first’ strategy through the organisation, who were engaged in the research, the rethink and shaped tactical initiatives to deliver the strategy.

This was a transformative program that was built on evidence, reoriented the organisation to place the member at the centre of decision making, and engaged the entire organisation.

The next year was spent sharply focused on delivering a narrow list of member experience ‘impact initiatives’ responding to what mattered most to members.

At the end of the first year Forethought was invited to track any positive or negative change in member satisfaction.

Activating Consumer Insights to Effect Change

DRIVING GROWTH: Equipped with the certainty of consumer insights, Management can confidently focus on what drives customer retention and acquisition to build effective communications and customer experience strategy. Aligning the business and agency partners on those drivers is vital to ensure everyone's energy, decisions and actions are directed on a singular focus - the drivers of the customer behaviour and the desired business outcome.