From developing patient journeys to understanding how to disrupt legacy prescribing behaviour, our expert team is well versed in the varied business challenges that present themselves in the healthcare industry. We understand the uniqueness of each project, and design research programs that drive business outcomes and help our clients achieve their strategic goals.

Our specialist team are experts in designing for niche and highly specialised audiences, bridging the gap in understanding between the clinical teams, specialist healthcare providers and the patient to ensure dissemination of the right insight to drive change and improve outcomes.

Identifying customer journeys and prioritising initiatives to drive business outcomes

Case Study: Identifying customer journeys and prioritising initiatives to drive business outcomes

Forethought identified and mapped key customer journeys that had a direct impact on business outcomes for the client, providing a deep understanding of the key drivers of member defection and acquisition.

Working with cross functional teams the insights were used to develop and prioritise initiatives, resulting in an improvement in NPS and other key metrics.

The client was facing a decrease in new customer acquisition and an increase in customer defection. They commissioned Forethought to provide a thorough understanding of the customer, current performance and initiatives required to improve business performance.

Given the internal change the client had gone through and existing knowledge available in the business, Forethought started by conducting internal stakeholder interviews to understand the needs and hypotheses across different areas of the business.

Insight from these initial interviews was used to identify discrete customer journeys to map the touchpoints that had the greatest potential impact on the business – positive and negative. Forethought mapped these journeys through a number of qualitative techniques with existing customers. This led to the creation of discrete journey maps which identified the key moments of truth and pain points that existed for current customers.

The journeys were then quantified through an online survey, which identified satisfaction with the key rational parts of the journey and the emotional engagement of the brand following each journey. A separate market study was conducted to identify which rational and emotional drivers led to brand choice within the category.

Forethought uncovered the key drivers of defection and acquisition for the client. These drivers fed into a workshop with stakeholders from throughout the business to review key proof points that impacted on customer defection and acquisition. Through this process, a list of brand and operational initiatives were prioritised and informed an innovation roadmap for the next 12 months.

The broader program of work focused on measurement and tracking of what really mattered to our client’s customers, the data driven results were linked with movement in business outcomes and an improvement in NPS as well as other key metrics.

Optimising a Product Launch in Ethical Pharmaceuticals

Case Study: Optimising a Product Launch in Ethical Pharmaceuticals

Forethought’s specialised Healthcare team designed and implemented a mixed methodology research approach to understand drivers of choice in prescribing behaviour and test messaging for a new product launch. Our client was provided the insights needed to optimise the effectiveness of the product launch, adjusting their communications and sales strategies prior to launch.

A leading pharmaceutical company, launching a niche product into an already saturated treatment area, lacked sufficient understanding of the drivers of choice and how to disrupt prescribing behaviour through their communications and sales strategy. Without this knowledge they were unable to forecast product uptake or understand how to maximise message cut through.

An iterative research approach was used to understand specialist Health Care Providers’ (HCPs) prescribing behaviour, moving beyond their stated drivers to understand what really drives choice and how this could effectively be conveyed through messaging.

The quantitative phase applied a range of techniques including-trade off analysis to understand HCPs inferred hierarchy of needs for prescribing decisions, followed by in-depth interviews to probe these reactions, explore the competitive landscape and scope the opportunity for a new product launch.

Initial reactions to messaging uncovered an immediate need to pivot away from the intended campaign and address the drivers of choice more effectively with different tonality.

Messaging was revised and tested, measuring alignment, credibility and differentiation.

The directly actionable nature of our insights meant our client was empowered to pivot with a clearer understanding of where the opportunity lay for their product launch. They had the confidence to work with their agencies and internal stakeholders to redesign both the sales and creative strategies to better align with the market needs.

Optimising and leverage communications has led to a more effective product launch and greater efficiency of the sales team.