Evidence, clarity and certainty for management action: The science underpinning decision making.

Data and evidence are the bedrock for confident management action. As a marketing strategy, advisory and analytics consultancy, the Forethought Marketing Science team uses best-in-class advanced analytics techniques to provide our clients with the evidence and clarity for action.

Partnering with our Industry Consulting teams, and with specialisations ranging across psychometrics and consumer behaviour to applied statistics and data science, the Marketing Science team approaches diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytical challenges sharply focused on supporting you achieve positive outcomes.

By bringing together multiple sources of data, the Marketing Science team works in tandem with our industry consultants to inform data-driven solutions that link to commercial outcomes anchored to an industry context.

Some of the challenges we tackle:

  • Brand Strategy – quantitatively modelling the drivers of brand choice and competitive performance to shape brand strategy
  • Brand Performance – predictive modelling of first choice behaviour
  • Communications Effectiveness – quantitatively modelling the rational and emotional drivers of category behaviour, to identify client brand performance vs competitors on the most salient messages to shape message strategy and optimise creative performance.
  • Segmentation – revealing the consumer tribes in your organisational data via statistically robust techniques.
  • CEX Pain Point Analysis – to amplify the utility of CEX journey maps, Forethought models the journey touchpoints' hierarchy of impact on retention and churn behaviour
  • Retention/Defection Minimisation Strategy – identifying the triggers of retention or defection via statistically modelling.
  • Small Population Analytics – particularly important in B2B Marketing where market cohorts are small and strategic decisions have significant commercial implications
Demystifying the Dark Art of Marketing Science

For management to make data-informed decision making, it is up to the marketing scientists and consultants at Forethought to demystify the data and the models to bring the consumer insight to life.