Creative Efficacy™

End-to-end communications advisory: from consumer research to media mix modelling to drive ROME.

Advertising and communications need to trigger choice behaviour or behavioural change.

We arm you with a precise understanding of the hierarchy of rational and emotional drivers of the desired behaviour and your competitive performance, so that you can narrowly focus on the specific drivers your advertising needs to impact to achieve the behavioural shift.

As David Ogilvy famously said, 'give me the luxury of a tight brief'- our cutting edge data and evidence allows you to prepare a clear brief (including KPIs) for your agency partners – creative and media – so they have a framework to deliver their best solutions.

We remain by your side from creative strategy, drafting the brief, through to testing and monitoring in-market performance, supporting you and your creative and media team to optimise the return on your communications investment.

This is all achieved using the Forethought® award-winning Prophecy Thoughts & Feelings® methodology.

To maximise media spend, ROI, and elicit behavioural change, successful advertising must be both efficient in creating branded memories and effective in driving business outcomes. We optimise your advertising by assessing its performance on the indicators of creative cut-through, including the advertisement’s elicitation of discrete emotions, and determining its ability to shift beliefs about the brand that are known to drive business outcomes.

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