Customer Experience

Shape your customer experience ecosystem and prioritise investment on the certainty of evidence.

Designing meaningful experiences and putting customers at the centre is often easier said than done.

Our approach to CX goes beyond market-leading insights frameworks – we think holistically about roadmaps for implementation, design solutions accordingly, and work alongside your people to ensure your investment achieves outcomes.

Consumer insights, while critical, is one piece of the CX puzzle. Melissa will showcase a CX advisory framework used in the Aussie program to align insights with successful CX Implementation. What are the pitfalls to cross-functional alignment and executive endorsement? How does one align systems, tech, people and processes to meaningfully meet the needs of your customers? These are just some of the questions we look to explore in this session

‘A look under the hood’ of the Aussie CX Program

Melissa Yow - Senior Account Director, Forethought

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Case Study

In 2019, changes to the macroeconomic environment, consumer preferences, the rise of fintech, the experience economy and intensifying competition were only a few of the key forces impacting our client, a national home loan brokerage. Executives agreed that doubling down on customers was the best way to achieve organisational growth targets.

Forethought was engaged to bring the voice of the customer into the organisation and embed this into ways of working. This included developing a scientific and robust evidence base to inform a new three-year strategy, lay the groundwork for service redesign and articulate a clear, shared future state vision for the organisation to build towards.

Forethought developed a comprehensive, multi-phased program of work to support the new customer experience vision. This included:

  • A robust insights program, leveraging innovative quantitative and qualitative research techniques to inform acquisition and retention strategies for both customer and employee
  • A dedicated team, co-located with clients in key geographies
  • Engagement across the business, which ensured translation of data into usable narrative from the frontline through to executive and C-Suite. Our collaboration also included key partners such as the creative agency, L&D partners and data architects
  • Facilitation of executive and strategic strategy / future casting sessions
  • Ongoing advisory and partnership to stand up measurement infrastructure, upskill and knowledge share to maximise utility of analytics function;

The resulting insights stack provided compelling, clear and unquestionable direction as to what the immediate areas of focus should be for the organisation. As a direct result of the program, our client received an immediately useable prioritisation framework which was used and shared at all levels of the organisation, from executive and strategic stakeholders through to the frontline.

The result was an evidence-based re-prioritisation of the three-year strategy roadmap. This enabled mobilisation of resources into key parts of the customer journey, and their associated initiatives, to the exclusion of a laundry list of others. Our recommendations also suggested a better closed-loop system of customer feedback, which is empowering our client to identify customer experience issues and intervene early.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Narrow your focus, improve your ROI

IMPROVING CEX ROI Diane Shelton explains CEX platforms provide brands with rafts of data yet potentially dilute CEX effectiveness as rafts of initiatives are created to fix all the squeaky wheels. In contrast, behavioural insight from Marketing Science - why and how consumers choose - provides a hierarhcy of impact, allowing Management to sharply focus on the priority drivers of CEX for greatest impact on retention, loyalty and uptiering to drive strong ROI.