Amplify the value of your B2B relationships

In the B2B environment, markets are small but the commercial impact of decisions made are significant. A failure to understand a damaged commercial relationship coming into tender can represent the loss of millions in profitability. Being blind-sided by a shift in client requirements can mean lost time and revenue via misdirected investment. But these situations can be mitigated.

Our B2B practice adapts and evolves our advisory, analytics and research capabilities for the B2B context. Whether it’s complex decision-making landscapes for high value contracts, or comprehensive account management frameworks, our team has the capability and expertise to unlock value at all stages of the B2B lifecycle.

We utilise dedicated B2B design and execution expertise at each stage:

  • B2B program design expertise
  • Specialised qualitative and quantitative techniques
  • Access to scarce or bespoke respondent cohorts
  • Specialised executive interviewing capability
  • Advanced analytics with small sample sizes
  • Effective recruitment and participation methods

We apply our B2B expertise to enhance your ability to:

  • Define and segment target markets.
  • Align offerings to market needs.
  • Attract and win customers.
  • Retain and grow contracts.
  • Optimise service delivery.
B2B: A Specialised Area of Research

B2B RESEARCH is a specialised field of consumer research. Andrew Morton, Account Director Forethought, explains that given the economic value of the decisions that will result from the research, the sensitivity of the topics and seniority of the respondents a specialist capability is required.

Case Study: Big 4 Professional Services – Taking the Lead in Consulting

In a market characterised by sameness, our client – a leading Big 4 professional services firm –achieved double-digit revenue growth for four consecutive years and earned clear market share leadership based on Forethought evidence and marketing advisory services.

Our client, one of the Big 4 professional services consulting firms, wanted to capitalise on recent acquisitions, clarify investment priorities and stand its brand apart from the sameness of it’s competition.

To understand the competitive performance of the Big 4 brands and identify future market needs, we conducted in-depth executive interviews with business and industry leaders across public and private sectors – our client’s clients and prospects.

We identified the markets’ drivers of firm choice, which we used in a program with our client’s executive team to stress test their strategy, align the team on what was driving choice of professional services consulting firm, and collaboratively design new impact initiatives to better respond to the market. The final step was using the evidence framework to support our client in prioritising (and deprioritising) initiatives and investment.

Four years of double-digit revenue growth and clear market share leadership position attained in consulting, underpinned by:

  • Clear investment strategy based on market behaviours and needs
  • Alignment of the leadership team on what mattered most to market, therefore what should matter most to them
  • Capability alignment with complex market issues
  • Clear brand and offer differentiation
  • Strengthened consideration in key market battlegrounds
  • Deepened engagement with existing clients