Our expertise in Utilities spans generation, distribution, transmission and retail across all major sectors in contexts ranging from government monopolies to competitive retail settings. We work in partnership with our clients to drive customer-centricity, meet regulatory requirements and improve brand outcomes across the sector, engaging deeply with external stakeholder groups ranging from end use customers and property developers, to industry bodies, local communities and regulators.

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Case Study: Driving Customer-Centricity in Electricity Distribution

Shifting the focus from infrastructure to customer

In the space of 12 months our client evolved from a low base of customer-centricity to implementing an organisation-wide customer-informed KPI framework complete with targets, supporting initiatives and ongoing measurement infrastructure. The framework was developed to address the things that mattered most across 10 prioritised customer and stakeholder groups.

To maintain relevance in a rapidly evolving context of electricity generation and supply, our client, one of Australia’s largest electricity distributors, identified a need to pivot from an internal ‘infrastructure focus’ to a more external ‘customer focus’ across its diverse spectrum of customer and stakeholder groups.

A program of foundational research to define and understand the needs, expectations and current experience of 10 identified customer segments and external stakeholder groups was conducted. Informed by workshops with customer-facing teams, a variety of fit-for-audience qualitative and quantitative techniques were used to understand and prioritise needs across customer segments. Extensive socialisation of results was followed by a series of workshops involving cross-functional teams and customer representatives to align on the key focus areas and develop initiatives to deliver against them. Internal work streams and governance structures were formed to deliver the initiatives and a performance measurement architecture was implemented across the organisation.

A tangible shift towards customer-centricity and improved customer outcomes:

  • Whole of business alignment on customer segments, journeys and needs
  • Aligned prioritisation of customer groups and areas to address
  • Customer engagement in initiatives development
  • Delivery workgroups formed with defined governance structures
  • Organisation-wide KPI framework designed and rolled out
  • Performance measurement infrastructure implemented to measure what matters