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Design the future of your brand.

Your brand’s performance should predict your sales performance and market share. When you are equipped with the right insight, you are in a position to positively alter the trajectory of both your brand and your sales.

Forethought uses advanced analytic techniques to model the drivers of brand choice (rational and emotional) and observe how your brand is performing relative to the competition, to precisely map strategy to optimize your brand performance

Using Forethought’s award-winning Prophecy Thoughts & Feelings®, the state of the art predictive analytics methodology diagnoses the current position and opportunity for you brand. As a marketing and consumer strategy consultancy we support you to navigate this powerful evidence and turn it into an effective brand strategy and action program.

Branded Communications

We were delighted to have Melissa Hopkins and Michael Sinclair from Optus share their experiences driving brand and communications outcomes at Optus. While they will reference the program of work at Forethought, Sacha Cody will provide a more detailed perspective of the program itself as well as key learnings and principles on how organisations can use evidence gleaned from research to drive even greater advertising impact.

Branded Communications

Sacha Cody - Senior Account Director, Forethought

Implementing a brand refresh strategy for a telecommunications challenger brand

Case Study: Implementing a brand refresh strategy for a telecommunications challenger brand

Following years of price discounting while going head-to-head with the category leader, our client, a telecommunications challenger brand, lacked a compelling proposition that could drive profitable growth and marketshare gain.

Our client partnered with us to undertake a comprehensive brand strategy refresh. This program of work sat alongside a refreshed company vision as well as compelling consumer segmentation strategy.

We first undertook a qualitative study, comprising online forums across consumer segments, to inform a quantitative nation-wide study of ~5,000 Australians using Prophecy Thoughts & Feelings® to identify and model the rational and emotional drivers of brand choice.

Once the data had been modelled and insights were uncovered, we ran an immersive program with the senior leadership team, including the CEO, CMO, marketing team and media agency to build understanding of the evidence and align the team on what was important to the customer and market. Through this program, using adult learning and design thinking frameworks, we arrived at consensus on the brand Triple Play, that is the one Quality, Price and Emotions driver that our client could own competitively and that became the blueprint for the brand strategy refresh and marketing communications to drive market share gain.

As the marketing strategy advisory partner, we assisted in drafting a sharp creative brief anchored to the evidence, a brief that would focus and inspire the creative pitch. We also sat on the selection committee for the new creative agency selection.

We continued our analytics and advisory role as we supported our client and creative partner through the development of the brand communications including pre-testing and in-market tracking to optimise success.

Our client had the confidence to draft its next brand strategy and marketing campaign built anchored to the data and evidence, and rework their internal strategy based on the drivers of brand choice we identified.

Since the Executive Immersion Program, we have partnered with the client to optimise and assess the new campaign, and amplify the impact of the Triple Play via product development initiatives, and work collaboratively with marketing and customer experience teams to ensure experiences continue to meet expectations.

Future proof your brand

Andrew Slot, GM Consulting Forethought, explains how to build long term brand value by building brand, communications and customer experience strategy on the drivers of customer acquisition and retention.