Building brand momentum through advocacy

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) of customers is often leveraged by businesses to drive organisational change. A simple indicator of relationship health with customers, NPS provides ‘one number’ which is easily understood and digested across all levels and functions.

At Forethought, we believe it is critical to establish a robust customer-measurement infrastructure that has a demonstrated relationship to commercial outcomes. To support our clients with their CX strategy, we:

  • Design NPS and CX programmes from the customers’ perspective, ensuring it reflects:
  1. What customers are seeking to achieve – i.e. their
    goal-based journeys
  2. How customers experience the organisation, not how the organisation is structured
  3. The experiential aspects that are important to customers
  4. The language customers use and understand
  • Integrate customer and organisational data to understand the root-cause of NPS and commercial drivers
  • Integrate Relationship NPS and Touchpoint NPS programmes (leveraging customer sample) to contextualise the focus areas for CX improvement


Improve health of customer relationship

Increase brand advocacy

Focus on initiatives that drive commercial returns