Predicting the rational and emotional drivers of choice

Consumer decision-making is influenced by both rational considerations and emotions, so it’s critical as a brand to clearly articulate your positioning on both of these dimensions. At Forethought, we like to think of it as: Make them feel and Teach them that.

Our award-winning methodology, Prophecy® Thoughts & Feelings®, uses advanced analytics and predictive modelling to measure, rank and contextualise the rational and implicit emotional drivers of brand choice in your category. We provide insight into how consumers balance perceptions of price and quality against their emotional response to your brand, providing you with a narrowed focus to develop your brand positioning and communications content.

Prophecy® Thoughts & Feelings® has proven in-market validation with a strong link to future sales performance, and correlations between our brand health analysis and sales are consistently above 0.7 across many diverse categories. Using this predictive tool, you can rest assured you have the power to drive customer acquisition and move your brand into a stronger market position.


Uncover consumers’ rational motivations

Identify the brand emotions to pursue and elicit

Improve perceptions and experiences on what matters to the market

Strengthen your competitive position

Develop effective behaviour-based communications

Drive growth in revenue and market share

CASE STUDY: BIG BASH LEAGUE, turning around growth of the Big Bash League

Cricket Australia commissioned Forethought to help the Big Bash League turnaround slumping attendance. We started by understanding what consumers wanted, and supported the creative agency to build messages and activations which were built on those drivers of choice. The result was an impressive and fast turnaround.