Creating a single view of the customer for a national telehealth service

Increasing public awareness and growing news coverage meant that call volumes to a telehealth service increased by 62% in a 12-month period, with forecasts predicting continued growth.

Forethought was consulted to provide strategies to evolve the service model to meet increasing demand and improve data capture for client-centric reporting. The major challenge was that data infrastructures (e.g. CRM, call centre metrics, website chat metrics) at the telehealth service were disconnected to uphold anonymity of the service.

We received data for over 145,000 events (e.g. calls or chat). Using linking logic applied through the programming language R, we were able to connect transferred calls to a sequential chain and individual calls to a single anonymous identifier. For the first time, the organisation was able to view a client’s entire chat and call history to create a view of repeat contacts.

Forethought provided the programming code to the organisation and conducted training sessions with their Business Intelligence Analysts. This enabled the organisation to independently replicate analysis for future reporting periods.

The telehealth service was able to change their service delivery model to ensure the service supports complex presentations, which is predicted to reduce the volume of repeat callers. Additionally, they now use the programming code to understand traffic between channels (e.g. website, webchat, call centre) to create more accurate resourcing forecasts.

25 Years of Marketing Science at Forethought

Dr Karen Hansen, Head of Marketing Science, Forethought shares the journey from running algorithms on Pentium 386s to where advanced analytics is today at Forethought.