Customer Experience

Identifying customer journeys and prioritising initiatives to drive business outcomes

Business Challenge

Our client was facing a decrease in new customer acquisition and an increase in customer defection. They commissioned Forethought to provide a thorough understanding of the customer, current performance and initiatives required to improve business performance.

Forethought Approach

Given the internal change the client had gone through and existing knowledge available in the business, Forethought started by conducting internal stakeholder interviews to understand the needs and hypotheses across different areas of the business.

Insight from these initial interviews was used to identify discrete customer journeys to map the touchpoints that had the greatest potential impact on the business – positive and negative. Forethought mapped these journeys through a number of qualitative techniques with existing customers, creating discrete journey maps identifying the key moments of truth and pain points that existed for current customers.

The journeys were then quantified through an online survey, which identified satisfaction with the key rational parts of the journey and the emotional engagement of the brand following each journey. A separate market study was conducted to identify which rational and emotional drivers led to brand choice within the category.


Forethought uncovered the key drivers of defection and acquisition for the client. These drivers fed into a workshop with stakeholders from throughout the business to review key proof points that impacted on customer defection and acquisition. Through this process, a list of brand and operational initiatives were prioritised and informed an innovation roadmap for the next 12 months.

The broader program of work focused on measurement and tracking of what really mattered to our client’s customers, the data driven results were linked with movement in business outcomes and an improvement in NPS as well as other key metrics.