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Client Success Story: The World's Largest Casual Dining Chain - Part One

How Forethought Reversed a “Mysterious” Decline in Revenue.

Forethought uses a three-step paradigm to help our clients’ build their brands: Define Value, Deliver Value, Communicate Value.

  1. Define Value: we work with you to define what your market values, and measure how well you perform on these drivers of choice against your competitors.
  2. Deliver Value: By understanding how well your brand and organisation is performing on those drivers, we can diagnose the operational challenges and prioritise those to be addressed.
  3. Communicate Value: once we’ve ensured your brand is delivering value, we support you to shape communications that articulate that value proposition – making your brand the first choice.

In this Success Story, we cover all three steps, revealing how we reversed a multi-million dollar monthly revenue decline for the world's largest casual dining chain.

Part One: The Client Problem

Prior to engaging Forethought, our client, a casual dining giant was faced with an ongoing decline in revenue - contrary to expectations based on data being reported by their restaurant managers.

The data coming from their thousands of restaurant managers was indicating that guests were increasingly likely to return to enjoy another meal with their family and friends. Year-on-year this vital metric was rising. A healthy scenario for the business operator and the franchisees.

So, if managers were reporting guests intended to return, why was revenue falling sharply? This was the paradox, that needed to be diagnosed and remedied urgently.


Figure 1: In-store measures of performance ‘Likely to visit again’


Figure 2: Actual business performance ‘000 ($)

Forethought, a leading Marketing analytics and strategy advisory firm, was commissioned to interrogate what was happening in-store and in-market to discover and resolve the true problem facing our client. We reveal our solution in the next part.

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