Customer Experience

Unlocking a Better Energy Future

Business Challenge

Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) identified a need to achieve a universally-relevant, consumer-and business informed framework to change the way the energy industry thinks about consumers. Specifically ECA intended to create a framework for understanding energy through the lens of the consumer and through the context of their lives.

In doing so, Energy Consumers Australia intended to promote the long term interests of energy consumers to all relevant energy sector stakeholders (including governments, regulators and energy providers).

Forethought Approach

In order to achieve a holistic understanding of people’s lives and the role of energy within them, a breadth of consumers were spoken to across Australia to construct a life-journey map that gave an understanding of how consumers’ relationship with energy shifts as their lives change.


Forethought engaged major industry stakeholders with A Future Energy Visioninsights at the Foresighting Forum 2020.

The theme of Foresighting Forum 2020 was Take charge – a consumer vision for future energy services. The forum brought together consumer advocates, government and industry to discuss and explore how to deliver the energy services that consumers say they want.

Hundreds of stakeholders from all areas of the industry (government, regulators, energy providers) critically engaged with the evidence and developed initiatives that consisted of the five elements of the consumer vision of a better energy future, that energy is affordable, simple, easy to manage, clean and inclusive.