Integrating a segmentation solution into a CRM

Integrating a segmentation solution into a CRM

The rise of digital marketing was putting pressure on the market share of a directory listing company. They needed to understand which segments of the market to prioritise to create an action plan based on those customers’ demographic profiles and levels of engagement.

Forethought received organisational data for over 33,000 customers with information on 102 different variables.

Using Prophecy Tribes®, a patented methodology employing a dual-weighted semi-supervised cluster ensemble, we created a segmentation solution with unique groups the client could target.

A classification model was also used to build an algorithm for the client to tag customers within their CRM to allow future action.

Armed with the knowledge of these identifiable segments within their customer base, our client was able to begin a new communications and sales strategy with focus. Targeted EDMs (Electronic Direct Messages), based on immediate and future value, resulted in capturing an increase in share of wallet for the two highest-priority segments.