Since solving our first client’s marketing challenge in 1994, Forethought has grown into an international, award-winning marketing science consultancy. Aspiring to take the guesswork out of traditional research, we developed a reputation for advanced analytics and evidence-based insights.

Building a strong base in Australia, we quickly established effective research management across Asia, Europe and America. After gaining the attention of leading multinational brands and creative agencies, we expanded internationally in 2012, opening our second office in New York.

From day one, we have been diligent in developing research to best address our clients’ desired business outcomes, ensuring all methodologies are examined, proven and protected. We have made a point of partnering with clients who are ambitious and intellectually curious, so we can push the boundaries and innovate in new areas together.



We invite prominent academics and practitioners to examine our methodologies and case studies, to provide transparency in our work and deliver our clients the best results.


The predictive power of our work has been verified in market, giving our clients the confidence they need to make bold decisions.


Patents protect our world-leading methodologies and provide additional evidence of our work being internationally ground-breaking.


Our case studies and innovations have been published in renowned journals, ensuring our work is always industry leading.