A 12 week review of the USA Normality Index.

A 12 week review of the USA Normality Index.

Has there ever been a more tumultuous period in American history? Just 12 weeks ago, when Forethought introduced the Normality Index, 564 Americans had died of COVID-19. In just three-months, a staggering and tragic 104,523 more citizens had succumbed to the fearful COVID death. In places like New York and New Jersey, one in five people personally knew someone who had contracted the virus.

That week, 12 weeks ago, 282,000 citizens filed for unemployment. Since then, an incomprehensible 44 million more citizens have found themselves no longer gainfully employed. And yet, amidst all this heart-wrenching death and loss of livelihood, when George Floyd was killed by police, incensed Americans dared to shout, “Black Lives Matter”.

Against that backdrop, Forethought has attempted to find a path back to normality for businesses. This is our account of the past 12 weeks.

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The Quarter Of Covid-19

Posted 19 Jun 2020