Forethought Mind and Mood Pulse – April 2021

Forethought launched the Normality Index (NI) immediately as we went into lockdown in March 2020. We now have 21 waves of data (weekly for the first 12 weeks and now monthly since July 2020). Here are the key findings from our April pulse.

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Forethought Mind and Mood Pulse – April 2021

Posted 17 May 2021
NI A Pril Mind and Mood 2021


NORMALITY AT A HIGH: After some recent snap lockdowns in WA and some restrictions remaining in place across NSW and VIC (e.g., wearing masks on public transport), states have mostly converged on feelings of Normality. Overall feelings of Normality has risen to its highest level since the start of the pandemic (83%), with VIC too at its highest observed level. As many factors of life become hygiene once again, there was an observed stabilisation in normality from March to April.

FOCUS ON THE FUTURE: There was a significant increase in feelings that life is better than last year, as the top lifestyle changes by Australians was having time to reassess life and save money. There was a desire to resume to a pre-COVID normal, as the key drivers of normality was the ability to travel internationally (14.7%) as the trans-Tasman bubble opened; while motivation to work toward goals/obligations was in the Top 3. Therefore, a shift is observed that as greater feelings of Normality return, the focus shifts from survival to thinking about the future.

VACCINATIONS: The eyes of Australia turn to the Federal Government with the vaccination program and mass hubs opening around the country. Of Australians we sampled, only 10% had received the vaccine. The rollout has drawn scrutiny by many, fuelled by concerns of safety and efficacy of the vaccine program. There is a significant decline in the likelihood to be vaccinated among Australians overall, only those aged 65+ had a higher likelihood to receive the vaccine.