Brand Strategy, Creative Efficacy

Lesson 8: Brand Safety

Posted 10 Mar 2020

Consider the context in which communication is consumed

Beware of the consequences of a negative context surrounding your marketing communication.

Emotion has no hard stop. How I am left feeling in the moment will affect how I process the next moment. This is true for both residual positive and negative feelings. Therefore, the context in which marketing communicates is both an opportunity and a threat.

An element of optimising advertising effectiveness is controlling the context in which the communication is consumed. Objectively measured, advertising effectiveness is reduced by 25% when an ad immediately follows a negative context. Context effects can arise from preceding programming or advertising or surrounding content such as the online news.

A hidden cost of programmatic buying is the risk of relinquishing control of your brand’s surroundings. That is, the context in which your communications are viewed.

Brand safety concerns arise when brand advertising appears alongside or following unsavoury content. A lift in advertising effectiveness can be achieved by managing context.

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