Life After Lockdown. Consumers are changing. Brands must respond to rebound.

Posted 08 May 2020

Whilst Australian’s have responded to the Covid-19 lockdown with resilience, the dual health and economic crisis has forced us to live very differently. As a result, our behaviours and values will change – some of those changes will be transient and some will be enduring. The question organisations need answered is: what of those changes will stick and what will slip? And how should we pivot our go-to-market strategy to remain relevant in the new normal?

Organisations will need to reorient, rethink and reframe their approach to market if they are to execute a customer-first rebound from the economic crisis. In this webinar, Diane Shelton, Forethought CEO, starts to address these questions and shares consumer and marketing insights from Weeks 1 to 6 of the Australian Normality Index.

7 May 2020
Diane Shelton

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