Lesson 7: Emotional Detonator

Posted 05 Mar 2020

Create a neural superhighway between choice and your brand

The role that emotion plays in choice is as a behavioural “detonator.” Without emotion, we cannot decide. The relative importance of emotion in choice varies by category. So too does the discrete primary emotion driving choice.

Sellers prosper by “stapling” their brand to the discrete emotion most associated with category choice. Establishing which discrete emotion is primarily associated with choice requires an implicit, pre-cognitive scale such as Prophecy Feelings.

Unlike the cognitive drivers (which inform the reasons to believe) that can be changed from campaign to campaign, an emotion driver should be identified and implicitly communicated in perpetuity.

Rational-based campaigns can be quickly imitated. Attaching your brand to a target emotion can provide an enduring and indeed, cumulative competitive advantage.

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