Organisational Engagement


We carefully design Engagement Programs and experiences to ensure the customer is at the core of how you position your brand or service in market.

We work with proven frameworks and techniques guiding your organisation to embrace your customer insights to build impactful strategy, tactics and execution that results in gaining and retaining customers and market share.

The Forethought Engagement team help you involve people from across your business – Executive to frontline – in developing and executing initiatives that drive business outcomes.

We focus on:

  • Brand
  • Communications
  • Customer Experience
  • Segmentation
  • New Product/Service Development

We create the environment for teams to think differently. We utilize methods, including design thinking and agile frameworks, that guide the group through convergent and divergent thinking to amplify creativity and catalyse decision making in compressed timeframes.

We reach across your business to involve cross functional teams who can and should play a role in designing and executing effective customer initiatives.

Drawing from design thinking, we develop and facilitate programs that:

  • Immerse your people in your customer data to anchor action to evidence,
  • Provide the forum to align and agree on the optimal direction to improve business outcomes,
  • Amplify energy in ideation and co-creation of strategy, executional plans and impact initiatives,
  • Facilitate the prioritisation and deprioritisation of investment, effort and initiatives,
  • Create a relaxed, fun environment that expands creative thinking, reframing new ways of tackling old problems,
  • Support the business to maintain energy and focus on the impact initiatives.
Organisational Engagement
Organisational Engagement

We help you achieve:

  • A business that places customer data as the core building block of strategy.
  • A Leadership team invested in understanding the customer as a focal point for decision making, prioritisation of effort and investment.
  • A Management team charged with executing strategy with a clear line of sight on the customer and the priority initiatives to tackle that will drive improved business outcomes.

We ensure customer-centricity is alive in your business.