Building an experience that matters, both now and in the future

The best journey maps are produced from a customer perspective, not an organisation’s perception about what a customer experiences or wants. Observing and listening to customers, and ensuring we are doing so with a representative sample, gives us confidence we are capturing the objective customer experience.

To achieve this, Forethought has a team of highly skilled qualitative researchers and consultants who are experts in research design across complex and varied industries and environments. We deploy a range of techniques in various qualitative settings to build a robust view of your end-to-end customer journey.

Our journey mapping techniques include:

  • Observational / ethnographic research within your target audience’s native environment
  • In-the-moment interviews
  • One-on-one depth interviews
  • Group-based interviews and activities
  • Accompanied experiences

We enhance our understanding by leveraging your existing organisational data and insights, as well as interviewing / observing customer-facing team members, providing a 360-degree view into the world of your customers. Once your customer journey is mapped, Forethought quantifies the hierarchy of importance of all touchpoints, empowering you to prioritise customer-centric investment and drive a positive business outcome.


Know where
to invest

Improve retention
and advocacy

Reduce cost to

Drive sales