Building an experience that matters, both now and in the future

To drive business growth, customers must be at the centre of your decision-making, with strategies in place to deliver a positive experience at every touchpoint. At Forethought, we help you design and augment experiences that matter, returning a clear customer and commercial result.

We use a human-centred approach to Map, Model and ActivateTM your customers’ ideal experience, as well as screening business innovations to ensure they drive a worthwhile business return – Retention, Advocacy (NPS), Uptiering and/or Cross-Selling. Our areas of expertise are each underpinned by empirically-based insights, analytics and customer frameworks for innovation.


Helping you understand your customers’ end-to-end journey, including their goals, behaviours, feelings and pain-points.


Developing a prioritisation framework for your CX investments, leveraging advanced analytics that link CX to a business outcome.


Mobilising CX change through:

  • CX Strategy Development
    Supporting you to design and activate customer-led innovations that are commercially viable and supported cross-functionally by the organisation.
  • CX Initiative Optimisation
    Delivering customer test-and-learn research to determine how to drive the desired behavioural change.


Diane Shelton explains CEX platforms provide brands with rafts of data yet potentially dilute CEX effectiveness as rafts of initiatives are created to fix all the squeaky wheels.  In contrast,  behavioural insight from Marketing Science – why and how consumers choose – provides a hierarchy of impact, allowing Management to sharply focus on the priority drivers of CEX for greatest impact on retention, loyalty and uptiering to drive strong ROI.

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