Communicating the right message, at the right time

Advertising is an investment, so it’s important to be confident that your content will engage the right audience, communicate the right message and trigger the right response to drive consumers to your brand. In most cases, our clients have already achieved a competitive level of performance in their market – the real challenge is to communicate that performance to non-customers in a compelling way.

Our methodology, Prophecy® Thoughts & Feelings®, takes the guesswork out of developing your campaigns by applying scientific rigour to assess your creative performance against the rational and emotional drivers of brand choice in your category. On the back of this research, Forethought can provide actionable insights and recommendations to help optimise your communications and drive market share growth.

Brand safety is also a principal concern of Forethought – be it in the social, traditional or search environment. For this reason, we not only assist clients to optimise what is said, but also make the right choice about the environment in which it is communicated.

Making Advertising Work

To produce effective creative, brands need to understand how well advertising claims coexist with the underlying associations consumers hold so that ads are believable and relevant. Plausibility insights lead to an appropriate value proposition that can be successfully communicated to the market, raising brand salience and avoiding wasted budgets.