Your future starts here

When you join Forethought, you will be faced with opportunity – opportunity to learn, develop, excel, innovate and achieve. We want to help you to build a meaningful career, and will both challenge and support you to succeed.

From day one, your work will have purpose, and contribute to helping multinational brands solve their business challenges. No matter what your role, your work will land on the desks of our clients’ executives and play a critical role in informing their management action to drive growth.

You will work collaboratively alongside like-minded colleagues, who are the leaders in their fields, adding your own personal brand of talent and skills into the mix to form an unstoppable project team. Your team will motivate, guide and support you, taking pride in your achievements and assisting in your development.

Coaching, mentoring and training will be readily available and accessible, so that you can thrive in a learning environment and innovate in new areas. Whether it’s a course, seminar or conference, Forethought will allow you to think and grow, accelerating your career at every opportunity.

Living the Forethought Values

Our purpose is to accelerate growth

Our mission is to allow our smart and respectful colleagues to deliver irrefutable insights with compelling clarity to accelerate the growth of ambitious brands.

Our values are at the core of our work – our working style, idea generation, collaboration and relationships.


We lead by example

  • We are accountable and empower and encourage each other to succeed.
  • We inspire, motivate and provide guidance and support across the business.
  • We focus on personal growth as well as the growth of our clients and the company.


We love to learn

  • We always look for ways to do things smarter, faster, and better because that leads to client, company and personal growth.
  • We appreciate that mistakes happen but focus on the solution and the opportunity it provides to learn.


We challenge ourselves

  • The client is at the heart of everything we do and we approach our work with passion and commitment to achieve the best result for the client.
  • We are outcome driven, resilient and focused on always delivering quality results.


We are authentic

  • We are open, honest and respectful in all
    our interactions.
  • We listen to other’s opinions and embrace diversity of thinking.
  • We operate with integrity.


We are one team

  • We work together and respect the unique contribution of each individual.
  • We are flexible and approachable and we collaborate across teams to get the best outcome.
  • We work hard but take the time to celebrate our success.

Gain invaluable work experience while studying and build long-lasting relationships to kickstart your career.

Launch your career with Forethought and be rewarded with ongoing professional development and career progression opportunities.


At any stage of your career, you can look forward to truly challenging and rewarding opportunities at Forethought. We value the expertise and fresh insight that experienced colleagues bring to our team, as specialist knowledge, research experience and diverse perspectives will ensure we will continue to help solve our clients’ business challenges with an innovative and rigorous approach.


Forethought’s specialist teams build upon 25 years of experience in market research and development, with each project drawing upon team members and capabilities from across the business. Whatever you career aspiration, we will partner with you to identify and design a role that suits you, and continue to support you in your career development and progression within the firm.


We value our people and will support you to achieve your personal and professional goals through a range of benefits. Whether it’s providing learning and development opportunities, guiding your career progression, supporting a balanced lifestyle or another diverse need, we have it covered. We are also committed to our rewards and recognition program, recognising high-performing colleagues for their dedication, commitment, skill and performance in the workplace.

When you’re ready to take the next step, we’re ready to talk.