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25 Jun 2018
Is Facial Coding useful for Marketers?
Recently, we found it worrisome to learn that more than a third of global Fortune 500 companies are using facial coding for ad pre-testing and some (e.g. Unilever and Mars) have made it a mandatory for copy-testing. Brands want to understand emotion in consumption. Great, no quarrel there. So, why does this news worry us? We are concerned because facial coding for ad testing does not predict purchase behaviour. Adding to our concerns about facial coding a new study from Northeastern University published in the journal Psychological Bulletin (2018) argues it is false to believe that facial expressions are constant across people and situations and that they can be measured by artificial intelligence. We examine here.
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8 Dec 2017
TRUST. Before Reconstruction comes Deconstruction
THE EROSION OF TRUST: Surely THE HOTTEST topic in 2017 has been brands’ erosion of Consumer Trust. Forethought has investigated Trust - considering the consequences to organisations of breaching or failing to achieve Trust – and how this impacts on the drivers of choice or purchase intention which flow into revenue, loyalty and market share. There is positive news for the Board, Exec, Marketers and Corp Affairs: the underpinnings of Trust, at a brand and category level, can be scientifically validated and analysed to clearly inform management action.
11 Apr 2017
AFR - How Google and Facebook's trillion-dollar duopoly strangles the internet
Forethought recently researched the effect of Context - ad placement - on intention to purchase. When a brand advertising is nested against negative content consumer's intention plummets. The Australian Financial Review considered this research to help understand Brand Safety and the loss of advertising revenue recently suffered by Google and Facebook
Science High
9 May 2016
Science-Driven Creative? You're Late!
Advertising is facing an uncertain future, one steadily eroded by the cost-cutting activities of procurement. This is because procurement places little value on the unfulfilled promises of creative agencies, that the next campaign will deliver growth.
qA Revolution in Advertising
9 May 2016
A Revolution in Advertising Testing
The trouble with advertising testing is that the drivers of behavioural change required for lifting market share are rarely measured in communication effectiveness or brand research. Instead, in many cases advertising effectiveness... <a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/ Forethought_White_Paper_-_A_Revolution_In_ Advertising_Testing_pdf');" href="" target="_blank">Download Full Article</a>
So, Tell Me How You Feel
9 May 2016
So, Tell Me How You Feel
Ken Roberts, Managing Partner of Forethought Research has been invited by the official magazine of the Australian Marketing Institute, Professional Marketing to write an article outlining his latest thinking on emotions in advertising... <a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/ Forethought_White_Paper_-_So_Tell_Me_How_You_Feel_pdf');" href="" target="_blank">Download Full Article</a>
Brand Measurement Equals
9 May 2016
At Last. Brand Measurement Equals Brand Performance
There has been little convergence on how to measure brand equity. Originally it was proposed that brand equity could be measured by the ‘Brand Equity Ten’ (Aaker, 1991)... <a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/ Forethought_White_Paper_-_At_Last._Brand_Measurement_Equals _pdf');" href="" target="_blank">Download Full Article</a>
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4 May 2016
Creative agencies are suffering financially due to a lack of valued differentiation and the consequent loss of price-setting discretion. However, with the correct use of science-driven creative, to deliver growth to their clients, innovative agencies can reverse this trend.
Insights University 2016 Survey Results
22 Mar 2016
Insights University 2016 Survey Results Part 3
At Insights University 2016, we conducted a short survey to explore opinions held by marketing leaders on eminent industry trends. See what impact our respondents believe marketing science has on advertising content and message now (February 2016), and in the foreseeable future.
Insights University 2016 Survey Results
17 Mar 2016
Insights University 2016 Survey Results Part 2
At Insights University 2016, we conducted a short survey to explore opinions held by marketing leaders on eminent industry trends. See how respondents expect the managerial importance of NPS to change from now (February 2016), to the foreseeable future.

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