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We solve customer-facing growth challenges for ambitious brands. We use science to understand consumer behaviour and decisions to acquire and keep customers. We collaborate with you to design brand, product, communications and experience programs.

Retain: Customer Experience


Your customer will experience your brand in many ways – the experience ecosystem is unquestionably complex, and can either be a source of engagement or fragmentation between your brand and your customer.

As customer-brand touchpoints increase, the business decisions around investment and resource allocation, aligning teams and performance monitoring become increasingly confusing.

We simplify and prioritize action with insight. We design experience architecture using a ‘data-up’ approach. We measure the hierarchy of importance to your customers. We quantify their experience or satisfaction and confirm whether they will advocate or promote. Most importantly we provide performance diagnostics at every touchpoint and prioritise areas for focus and investment. We will show you where your defection risks lie and who your customer will switch to.

Armed with the data, we collaborate with you to imagine the future possibility, and design your customer experience architecture. After guiding, we guide your implementation of this architecture we provide you with ongoing visibility on how your organization is improving and advice on when you can or should adjust your program.


We quantitatively explore your Experience ecosystem – that is, where elements (processes, training, retail, contact centre, digital, etc.) are succeeding or not. We learn about your customers’ expectations of your brand in a competitive market and use this information to diagnose how your brand is performing and flag risks.


Working data-up, we envision a future experience based on your customers’ priorities. Some chase “delighting” or “differentiated”; we aim for the “right” experience to retain your customer and impact ROI.


We monitor and help manage the experience ecosystem over time. We note where and when your performance changes or your customers’ priorities shift so you can redirect resources, making your experience program agile and responsive.

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