Gain and Retain®

We solve customer-facing growth challenges for ambitious brands. We use science to understand consumer behaviour and decisions to acquire and keep customers. We collaborate with you to design brand, product, communications and experience programs.

Underpinning all we do is research. Before we offer one word of recommendation, we complete rigorous research specifically to understand how the market will respond to the challenge you are exploring. Our work informs management decisions that you can confidently present and defend to your Board.

We apply scientific methods to understand consumer behaviour. We are innovators and inventors of advanced analytic and modeling techniques which reveal the inferred hierarchy of drivers of consumer behavior.

We hold patents and open our work to assessment by the world’s leading business decision-science practitioners and academics. We are proud that our work has been judged and lauded at the business science industry’s most prestigious awards and published in a-grade journals.

Our advanced methods quantitatively reveal the inferred hierarchy of rational and implicit emotions driving consumers’ brand choice decisions. These methods allow us to accurately predict change in market share.

Inquisitive by nature, we will continue to learn and innovate methods to keep our clients at the leading edge of marketing and business science methods to inform their work in driving market share growth.

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