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We solve customer-facing growth challenges for ambitious brands. We use science to understand consumer behaviour and decisions to acquire and keep customers. We collaborate with you to design brand, product, communications and experience programs.

Gain Customers: Gain Share

For your brand/business to grow in a sustained and profitable way, you need one important thing: customers, both new and returning, who are prepared to pay your price for your product or service. This means the marketplace agrees that your goods or service are the best value available.

'Value' is a powerful piece of information. It can guide how your organization chooses to invest in the product, what you deliver to market and how you communicate to the market. We quantify this and work with you to turn this insight into product and communications strategy.

Value deals with utility and price, the rational elements of consumption decisions; yet psychology, economics and science agree that the decisions we make are not entirely rational. Our implicit emotions also subconsciously affect our choices.

We also quantify the hierarchy of discrete emotion driving the consumers in your category and model that against the rational Value drivers. Equipped with this unique perspective and insight on your market, we help you envision how your brand could be positioned in the market and build product and communications strategy to achieve your goal of gaining customers to grow market share.


We reveal the hierarchy of attributes that represent value and emotional drivers in your category, and measure your performance relative to your competitors. We help you connect this insight with your organisation’s unique capability to focus the business on choosing value, delivering value and communicating value to drive consumers to choose your brand.


Letting your marketplace know that your product or service offers the quality and features that are most important to them is one step in driving consumers to your product. Knowing when, how and which price lever to pull is another step in driving consumers to your product.

How do you know what that hierarchy is? That’s where we step in. Using quantitative and qualitative marketing science techniques, we reveal the inferred hierarchy of drivers of brand choice by exploring the rational consumption drivers (quality elements, performance elements and price) and very importantly, we model that against the hierarchy of implicit emotions driving consumption. This gives us a scientifically sound and clear blueprint for your communications message and emotions strategy.

How do you then craft those points into an effective communications campaign? We believe in the leverage effect of collaboration. Using the blueprint, we partner with you to ensure alignment and the energy to activate across your team. We also collaborate with you and your creative agencies to provide the important boundaries of a tightly structured brief that will allow them to see the problem clearly and generate creative momentum.

Grow, Gain and Retain

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