We deliver evidence-based clarity on customer-facing growth challenges. Our aim is to give our clients the insight that informs management decisions and frames marketing and operations investments. We allow management to focus boldly on priority initiatives to grow brands and organisations.

A brand is not the logo or the product – rather it is your market’s perception or experience regarding your organisation’s product or service which informs their purchase intention. In other words, Brand is future sales potential. In fact, Forethought has a mantra: “Brand = Market Share”.

The Forethought philosophy that is the touchstone of Market Growth Design (our approach to help clients achieve market share or brand growth) is anchored to the Consumption Drivers Principle: the outcome of meta-analysis of the data and evidence we have amassed working with brands across categories and geographies since 1994.

The Consumption Drivers Principle states that, to achieve the desired business outcome of market share growth, all actions taken to deliver that growth must be built on and measured against the scientifically verified hierarchy of drivers of consumer behaviour or brand choice.

Delivering Marketing and customer-facing operations programs built on this principle provides Management with scientifically evidenced motivational priorities for that market’s consumers. Equipped with our insights, Management can then rally their people behind clear ideas and invest in or allocate resources effectively, creating a singular, disciplined environment.

Our approach is a boardroom-ready platform for the initiation and monitoring of performance improvement relative to competitors. It is a diagnostic framework for a strongly disciplined approach.

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